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Tips before you get back on the bike

August 03, 2010
Tips before you get back on the bike
Haven’t dusted off the lycra in a while? Thinking about working off some of that winter padding? Forgotten the pain you ended up in this time last year? If you haven’t ridden in a while and can hear your bike calling you from the garage then take the time to read these quick tips.

• Build up the km’s gradually. Don’t be a hero and think you’re as fit as you were at the end of summer. Give your body a chance to reacquaint itself with your bike and take it easy to begin with.
• Make sure your kit is up to scratch. If your knicks just made it through summer then spoil yourself with a new pair, call it a worthwhile investment in the future.
• If there’s one thing that can ruin a great ride it’s a dud saddle. Get one that suits you and your riding style. Just because you bought an expensive bike doesn’t mean the saddles the right fit for you.
• Beware of friction. No one really likes to talk about it but chaffing is a fact of life and definitely best avoided. Check out a product like Aussie Butt Cream to prevent the pain of chaffing. If it’s good enough for the
Australian road and track cycling teams then its gotta be worth a go.

Remember guys, riding’s great, but walking’s pretty good too. And it’s definitely not cool to be doing the chicken walk through the office on Monday morning because you didn’t prepare yourself properly. Head into your local bike shop before you get back on the bike and get the advice and equipment needed to make your riding experience a pleasure, not a pain!