Minoura M50R Mag Trainer

March 31, 2011
Minoura M50R Mag Trainer

RRP $278.95

Let’s face it, most bike riders look at riding in driving rain and wind as a badge of honour.

But why spend four hours being wet, cold and miserable when you can plant the Minoura Mag trainer in front of the TV, connect up your Giant TCR road bike, chuck on your Tour De France highlights DVD and spend three hours building your fitness while your friends are catching a cold.

The Minoura Mag Trainer comes with a remote control, and I’d suggest spending the extra to get one with the remote control, it gives you the ability to change the settings as your riding.

Minoura have a great range of Mag Trainers, but from personal experience the M50R is the best value for money.

While they can be a bit noisy, that’s an issue for most Mag Trainers on the market, just turn the TV up.

And the TV helps with the boredom factor, but when it comes to beating the wind and rain the Minoura Mag Trainer definitely deserves a spot in the garage, and with the easy fold function it takes up very little room.


Review by Daniel Hoy

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