Zipp 808 Wheel Set

March 31, 2011
Zipp 808 Wheel Set

RRP $3,895

If you’re looking at a carbon wheel set because you think they will make you faster on the bike, try training harder.

While it may be the case for elite cyclists, for the average man on the street, the Zipp 808 will make only a marginal difference to your actual speed, but with that said you do feel like you’re moving quicker.

If buying speed is the only reason you’re shelling out for new wheels, don’t, on the other hand if you’re doing it to pimp your ride a bit, then the Zipp 808’s are perfect.

They look awesome, and feel great to ride on.

They also fit into that other obsession for cyclists; they will make your bike lighter, weighing in at 1519g.

For the tech heads, according to Zipp the 808’s feature a  27mm-wide profile which makes them15 seconds faster over 40km.

This change makes the performance of  Zipp 808’s the equal of or better than any  90mm-deep rim on the market as well as many discs.

The added benefit is on windy days the Zipp 808’s give the benefits of a disc, without making you feel like you’re on a sailboat not a bike. The new 2011 rim shape benefits the bike rider by not only creating low drag where the air comes off the rim into the spokes, but it also reduces drag when the air comes of the second half of the rim passing the tyre last.
For any cyclist who does not have to get every purchase past the wife, the Zipp 808’s are a must have.


Review by Daniel Hoy

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