Lazer Tardiz Time Trial Helmet

April 04, 2011
Lazer Tardiz Time Trial Helmet

RRP $299

First off let’s get one thing straight, unless you’re racing in a triathlon, or a time trial event, leave your time trial helmet at home. Same goes for your full Radio Shack Tour de France team time trial kit. They have no place on a normal weekend ride.

Now that community announcement is out of the way we can get to the Lazer Tardiz helmet. Not only will this helmet protect your head during a ride, it will also make you more aerodynamic and, importantly for an Aero helmet, keep you cool.

At 395g the Lazer Tardiz is incredibly light, easy to put on, fits like a glove and is comfortable.

It has everything you could need in a helmet, and some things you would not have thought you needed, but are actually good additions.

One of those is the hole in the top of the helmet, which enables you to poor water directly onto your head to help keep you cool on those hotter bike riding days.

It also features a very simple control function that allows you to adjust the size for comfort and give you the best aerodynamic benefits while riding with your head down. Which to anyone who has ridden in a time trial race knows is the position you spend your time in most.

Ultimately the Lazer Tardiz is a great looking helmet, which might not make everyone faster, but will definitely make you look faster.

Review by Daniel Hoy

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