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Kona Paddy Wagon Fixie

April 11, 2011
Kona Paddy Wagon Fixie

RRP $899

Every year in fashion something makes a comeback. Flare’s, overalls, it’s like travelling back in time.

This is sort of what the good old Kona Paddy Wagon fixie offers.  While the fixie is the ‘in’ thing at the moment it won’t be for everybody.

People old enough to remember having a bike with one fixed gear remember how cool it was when they got their hands on a bike with some fancy Shimano running gear on it. A 12 speed Malvern Star, now that was cool.

Times have changed and now the cool factor is owned by fixie bikes like the Kona Paddy Wagon.

At the moment fixie’s are the in thing, and the Kona Paddy Wagon is a great example of why. It’s light, and has one the best paint jobs I’ve seen on a bike for a while.

This version of the popular Kona Paddy Wagon has the same classic steel frame with Tunnel Top rims and a flip-flop rear hub with standard road drop bars.

Custom everything and a cherry black paint job with silver trimmings make this the most stylish Paddy Wagon to date.

Personally I rode enough fixed gear bikes back in the day to realize I don’t want another one. But for those who’ve grown up riding bikes with gears, then it’s a bit of a novelty.

With all that said, the Kona Paddy Wagon is a great fixie bike, and a wagon load of fun to ride. I just wouldn’t want to do it everyday.

Review by Daniel Hoy

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