PowerBar Gel Blasts

April 14, 2011
PowerBar Gel Blasts

The PowerBar Gel Blast does something not many things can; it’s provides some common ground for hardcore mountain bikers and hardcore roadies.

So how does the PowerBar Gel Blast achieve this? Mountain bikers and roadies view each other with the same level of suspicion as a surfer views a boogie boarder (I’ll let you decide which is which). But whether you ride a Giant TCR 1 or a Giant Anthem X3, there is one thing you can agree on. Energy gels and bars are not exactly the tastiest way to kill your hunger. The PowerBar Gel Blast goes where few energy foods can go, into your taste buds good books.

They are more like a lollie than an energy gel. The PowerBar Gel Blasts are liquid filled energy chews that taste great and are a convenient way to energise during exercise. The scientifically designed energy chews have a special mix of glucose and fructose shown to deliver energy to working muscles faster than glucose only. Roadie or MTB; everyone will love them.

Review by Daniel Hoy

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