Specialized Airtool DB Pump

May 06, 2011
Specialized Airtool DB Pump

RRP $35

Call me vein but I hate spending a few thousand bucks on my shiny new road bike only to add an ugly black hand pump to the tube.

So if, like me, you want to keep your ride looking the goods the Specialized Airtool DB Pump easily does the job.

The stunning polished chrome finish makes it look right at home on any bike.

On the plus side it is also an amazing pump. There is nothing worse than fixing a flat and then spending the next 20 minutes trying to get air into the new tube with a dodgy hand pump. The Specialized Airtool DB Pump is a bit different, it produces twice the air pressure as normal in an easy single-stroke, it has a double chamber shaft/handle which makes it long lasting and helps with its performance. It also features a large volume body which helps you push an impressive amount of air per stroke.

And just to throw in a few steak knives the Specialized Airtool DB Pump has; new stainless locking lever with all-metal head for reliable performance, overlapping, locking handle for compact size and efficiency, and a water bottle boss mounted bracket with elastomer band included.

Review by Daniel Hoy

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