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bikeExchange launches Bike Holidays!

May 30, 2011
bikeExchange launches Bike Holidays!, Australia’s #1 bike website for finding, buying and selling bikes, bike parts and accessories, has launched a new ‘bike holidays’ feature, which consolidates over a hundred cycling packages from a variety of world-leading tour operators.

Holiday options within Australia and overseas range from fully-catered cycling experiences to self-guided trips. Packages also extend to spectator events such as the Tour de France, Vuelta a Espagna and the Tour Down Under.

The ‘bike holiday’ section includes a comprehensive search system that allows visitors to sort through options by destination, duration, rider level, cost and more. CEO Jason Wyatt explains it is all about saving time and effort so you’re on your cycling holiday sooner rather than later.

“Through this new feature, we’re helping bike lovers get a very clear and quick grasp of the huge number of bike holidays on offer. We then take it one step further and enable them to sort through those options incredibly quickly. They spend less time researching the right tour, and more time getting ready for the adventure,” said Wyatt. 

“It’s fast, simple, and all about getting bike lovers on their ultimate cycling holiday without any of the hassles,” he said.

And why not? What sort of holiday lets you cover plenty of ground, experience the sights in a way that could never be enjoyed by car and – perhaps most importantly – lets you indulge in all the local specialties without carrying any of the guilt? What faster way of finding the right holiday for you than by visiting

Find your perfect bike holiday now!