Continental Grand Prix Tyre

July 05, 2011
Continental Grand Prix Tyre

One of the often over looked things when it comes to your bike is quality tyres. Sure you can get them for as little as $15, but they just don’t last as well as a tyre like the Continental Grand Prix. That old chestnut, you get what you pay for, certainly rings true when it comes to Continental tyres, and in particular the Grand Prix.

Punctures are the bane of any cyclists life, but you don’t need to resort to puncture tape, which will increase the weight of your bike by what feels like 10 to 15kgs.  A lot of tyres claim they have puncture protection, but the Continental Grand Prix has an anti-puncture layer that actually works - From my experience a puncture with these tyres is very rare.

But at the end of the day you buy a tyre because of the feel, and these feel sensational on the road.
At the risk of simplifying, the Continental Grand Prix Tyre feels grippy on the road, which for anyone who’s ever had a serious bike stack is of the upmost importance.

If you want a race tyre you can train on then go for the Continental Grand Prix Tyre.

Review by Daniel Hoy 

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