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Podio LA 306 Luminaudio

July 11, 2011
Podio LA 306 Luminaudio

Winter is a terrible time to head out for a long ride. It's cold, wet and often dark when you set off. Which is where the Podio Luminadio comes into it's own. If you think all bike lights are created equal the Polo Luminadio will enlighten you.

Not only will the Luminadio help you see where you're going, it will help pass the time by allowing you to listen to some of your favourite tunes, you know; You light up my Life, This Little Light of Mine, Light my Fire, or Blinded by the Light.

The Luminadio has a super bright American made 3-mode LED CREE light, which makes it a versatile outdoor light. And while you may run out of batteries on a long ride, the Luminadio won't, providing up to 9 hours of continuous illumination, or even longer in flashing mode which is a key benefit for night riding. The bike handlebar mounting bracket included, is perfect for listening to music safely while bike riding.

The device can also be used whilst camping, as a desktop speaker system, and while exercising (walking and running).

Given that many of us leave home on an early morning ride with our phone, mp3 player, light etc., it's nice to know you can combine at least the MP3 and light in one. It's a sensational idea.

Review by Daniel Hoy

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