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GETTE Sportif Electric Bike

August 02, 2011
GETTE Sportif Electric Bike

RRP $2,299

If you’ve ever ridden an electric bike you’ll have noticed two things, the noise and they are not particularly well balanced. The Gette Sportif however has addressed both of these things. The electric motor, feeds directly into the cranks (pedals), and gives the bike better balance and will help you power up those hills.

Personally, I’ve always viewed electric bikes like the Gette Sportif a bit like getting a cleaner; really with a little effort you can do it yourself.

Mind you they were x-raying bikes at the Tour De France last year to check for motors housed in the cranks, after a couple of “cranks” accused Fabian Cancellara of having a motor in his bike.

With all that said I actually enjoyed the Gette Sportif, I like to try and sit on 30kmh plus for most of my rides, the Gette Sportif is speed limited at 32kmh, this makes for a nice easy ride to work. On the other hand it’s almost as embarrassing as riding a mo-ped.

But if you’re not a bike snob, and you want an easy way to get to work without huge expense, the Gette Sportif is perfect.

The Battery has a travel distance of 35-50Kms
Charge time of 4-6 hours
Smart charger
200watt output
Lithium Battery Pack
Two Models - Sportif & Compy


Reveiw by By Daniel Hoy

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