Park Tools Big Blue Book

August 09, 2011
Park Tools Big Blue Book

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For some people the Park Tools Big Blue Book will be more useful, than it will for others. For some it will teach them a few tricks that may help them make repairs they would have otherwise taken to their local shop. For others like me it will be life changing.
I have been known to take a flat tyre to my local bike shop and say ”I’m not sure what’s going on but it’s doing that thing where the tyre won’t inflate.”
That is how inept I am at completing anything mechanical relating to my bike. The Park Tools Big Blue Book makes me feel like I could almost do anything.
It’s a clear, concise and perfectly written guide to all things bike mechanics.

The Park Tools Big Blue Book is written by, Calvin Jones, one of the most qualified mechanics and instructors in the world today. With over 30 years experience, he lives, eats, sleeps and breathes bicycles. His impressive list of credentials include:
National Team Mechanic and Manager of the USA National Team Mechanics at the MTB World Championships in 1994, 96,97, 01, 03 and 04.
Instructor at USA Cycling Mechanics Licensing clinics at the US Olympic Training center in Colorado Springs since 1984.
Eight years instructor at Barnett's Bicycle Institute for bicycle mechanics.
Author of the Park Tool School Manual. Park Tool's in store clinic presented by local bike shops.
Director of Education at Park Tool since 1996.
Mechanical advisor for countless bicycle industry manufacturers, racing teams and retailers.
The Park Tools Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair has over 130 bicycle repairs and maintenance procedures. The Park Tools Big Blue Book is simply the bible of bike repair.


Reveiw by By Daniel Hoy

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