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CycleOps Power Tap Pro and rear wheel

August 15, 2011
CycleOps Power Tap Pro and rear wheel

RRP $1,599

Most of us are happy heading out for a ride without a piece of equipment like a power meter similar to the CycleOps Power TapPro + rear wheel. If you’re like me your happy with a computer that tells you how fast, how far, and is connected to a heart rate monitor that tells you how hard you’re working.

Needing to know the level of watts you’re generating is only important if you’re training for a GrandTour.

Well that’s what I thought until I got my hands on the Cycle Ops Power Tap Pro + rear wheel.

Let’s face it cyclists are geeks, they love analyzing data from a ride, it can be as simple as your average speed, or average heart rate. The point being if you have the data, you’ll analyze it. And if you’re training to get fitter and stronger on the bike it’s a great tool.

If your just a general commuter or a once a month cyclist then this product is not for you. But if you love cycling and your looking to improve then look no further. The amount of data that you recieve is astonishing and if you are in training then addtional options are available such as an altitude training system.

The CycleOps Power Tap Pro is a must for any serious rider looking to improve any way they can.

Reveiw by By Daniel Hoy

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