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Amy Gillet Foundation - SafeCycling

August 23, 2011
Amy Gillet Foundation - Safe Cycling

If you are a cyclist or a driver then listen up as this information concerns you. For far too long the rules about sharing the roads have been left up in the air of what is safe and what threatens the life of cyclists. Countless deaths and serious injuries have resulted and the number continues to rise as more people flock to their bikes.

Some of us know what it is like to have lost a loved one from a fatal collision with a car which is all too familiar to Mary Safe who lost her daughter Amy Gillett 6 years ago. Since then Mary and others have chosen to honour Amy by starting the Amy Gillett Foundation which raises the awareness for safe cycling and sharing the road with cyclists.

For years the Amy Gillett Foundation has helped educate young drivers on the precautionary measures that need to be taken whilst driving in popular cycling locations. Previous media campaigns have helped reach over 50,000 L plate drivers in a hope to set rules and proper precautions in stone rather than being left up to the individual driver’s judgement.

But the Amy Gillett Foundation cannot do it alone and needs everyone’s help to raise money for a national campaign. Your donation will go towards producing a national television, outdoor poster, radio and online advertising campaign.

Don’t leave it until you are affected by this personally. Unite with the Amy Gillett Foundation and all who have lost a loved one by donating now and help save the lives of Australian cyclists.