September 06, 2011

RRP $89.95

The Topeak Alien II Tool is simply the best bike tool you could ever own.

It’s the Swiss army knife of the bike world. No longer will you search for allen keys, or any other bike tool for that matter.

It’s small enough for your bento box, or the back pocket of your jersey, and can handle more on the go repairs than roadside assistance.                                                                        

The award-winning ALiEN II is made up of a clever break-apart design; that means its size is handy but that also makes it easy to find and use the right tool.

And with 26 high quality tools at your fingertips you’ll rarely find yourself without exactly what you need.

A few of the features it includes are; spanners, allen keys, screw drivers, a pedal wrench, knife, a chain tool, chain hook, and tyre lever.

And just to rub it in the noses of other tool manufacturers the team at Topeak have even added a bottle opener for post-ride celebrations.

What I was most impressed with, besides the bottle opener, was the chain tool, which is compatible with all single speed and most multi-speed chains, including 10 speed hollow pin chains.

The Alien II tool really is the best of its kind, not only does it include everything you will ever need, it feels sturdy and almost unbreakable.

Reveiw by By Daniel Hoy

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