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2xu Compression Tights

September 13, 2011
2xu Compression Tights

How times have changed, ten years ago tights were something the ladies wore to keep their legs warm when a skirt was their daily attire. Today more and more men are getting into tights, and let's face it when you think about it men who cycle do a lot of things usually reserved for women. Shaving their legs is one that comes to mind, donning lycra, and now tights can be added to the list.

2XU Compression tights have become a must have item for all cyclists, they are the simply the best way to recover from a long ride.

The biggest claim made by the makers of compression apparel, including 2XU, is that they help break down lactic acid.

2XU compression tights feature what they call graduated compression. Simply put their technology uses different levels of pressure throughout the tights. By being tighter around the major muscles of the leg, like the calves and quadriceps, circulation is enhanced. This means more oxygenated blood is delivered to the muscles that need it most, which is just what your legs need after a long day riding your bike.

The team behind 2XU Compression were one of the first to use medical grade compression, which means you get the same level of compression from their tights you would from a compression bandage at a hospital.

Not only do 2XU have the strongest scientific credentials, the compression tights are among the best looking on the market.

Reveiw by Daniel Hoy

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