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BBB BSG-38Glasses

September 26, 2011
BBB BSG-38 Glasses

RRP $79

If you're after value for money, then it's hard to go past the BBB BSG-38 range of sunglasses.

Let's be honest cyclists are obsessed with looking better than the next guy, which is why you see so many white kits, which while look awesome are completely impractical.

For the average cycling poser (of which I am one), the essential ingredients include, kit, shoes, helmet, and sunglasses.

Now, sunglasses can sometimes set you back a tidy sum, when in reality all most of us should be concerned about is the fit, and if they keep the sun out of your eyes. The colour and style should be secondary to functionality, however as I said before most cyclists would rather look good and be uncomfortable than vice versa.

This is why you don’t see serious cyclists, clad head to toe in white, riding with pipe cleaners stuck to their helmets no matter how bad swooping magpies are.

Lucky for all those image conscious people the BBB BSG-38 range do have style, a large colour range and less importantly are functional and comfortable, and for the price they are supreme value. The extra added bonus of clear and yellow lenses means you can swap the lenses depending on the light conditions, meaning you can keep the cold morning air out of your eyes without comprising visibility.

And yes they come in white.

Among their features are;
Sportive sport glasses design with interchangeable smoke polycarbonate lenses.
Lens shape gives protection against sunlight, dust and wind.
100% UV protection.
High-end Grilamid frame with adjustable silicon nose piece.
Soft touch temple ends for a firm fit and comfortable wear.
Comes with a pouch.
With extra lenses: yellow and clear.

Reveiw by Daniel Hoy

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