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BOB Trailer IBEX Plus

October 04, 2011
BOB Trailer IBEX Plus

RRP $595

For its size and carrying capacity I was surprised by the little impact the Bob Trailer IBEX plus had on my riding. Granted, it's not like you forget it’s there whilst riding, but with that said the Bob Trailer IBEX didn't feel as heavy as I thought it would.

Personally I'm not a big touring cyclist; I generally ride for fitness and training. As a result, I feel like I'd have little in common with someone who tours around the country. However, I can acknowledge that my obsession with making things lighter, which extends to the ridiculous carbon cages, is probably shared by your average touring cyclist.

Whilst it is a shared obsession, I know deep down that carbon cages won't make me faster or impact as much on my energy expenditure as say a lighter Trailer would for tour riding. The Bob IBEX trailer is a classic quality cargo trailer, with suspension.

It’s made of 4130 cromoly tubing, and has a 32kg carrying capacity.

It was fast and efficient to attach to the back wheel, even for a mechanically deficient unit like myself, and more importantly weighs just 9.4kg with the bag. Now this may sound a lot to most road cyclists, or even mountain bikers, but for the average guy riding across Australia it makes all the difference.

I work with a guy that rides across this great land on a regular basis, so I let him have a ride with the Bob Trailer IBEX Plus and he said it was one of the best trailers he’d ever ridden with. High praise indeed.

Review by Daniel Hoy

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