O_Synce navi2Move

October 10, 2011
O_Synce navi2Move


As a roadie, who occasionally finds himself hurtling around the odd mountain bike trail, and being direction challenged, the navi2Move is a must have. When you're not quite as fast on the downhill as your more experienced mountain biking mates, then getting lost is a real possibility, especially if you're not used to the terrain, or are riding somewhere new.

Let's face it every tree pretty much looks the same.

In both those cases knowing where you're going if you drop that wheel in front is a must.

The other benefits of the navi2Move are its lightweight compact and stylish design. The last thing you want on a long ride is an extra clunky piece of equipment to carry around. You don’t want the navi2Move to really stand out or be obvious to those more experienced mountain bikers. If they are anything like my riding mates the minute they knew I was carrying a navi2Move would be the minute their new challenge for the day would become getting me lost.

Weighing only 50 grams navi2Move sets new standards. It is one of the smallest and lightest navigation systems on Earth and will surprise you with a generous display and innovative handling.

For me it's the generous display that's the navi2Move's biggest positive. If you're making the move to a mountain bike, or are just moving to a new area, then the navi2Move could be just what you need.

Reviewed by Daniel Hoy

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