Review of Avanti Blade 1.0

October 18, 2011
Review of  Avanti Blade 1.0

RRP $475

The Avanti Blade 1.0 is a great bike, not at all disappointing like the Wesley Snipes series of vampire movies of the same name. The Avanti Blade 1.0 is the perfect bike for anyone who wants to go fast, but doesn't like traditional road bikes. And there are a few people out there who find the flat bar road bike, city tourer, hybrid, etc a much more comfortable ride. In fact there are nearly as many people who would choose the Avanti Blade 1.0 over a road bike, as there is names for the category of bikes the Avanti Blade 1.0 falls into.

I once had a work colleague ask me what sort of bike to buy, I asked what sort of riding he'd be doing and he said mostly to work. I said get a city tourer/flat bar road bike, he ignored me and purchased a mountain bike, within in six months he was on a city tourer. The moral of the story is to choose the right bike for your needs so if getting to work on time, and maybe a little weekend riding, are your priorities then the Avanti Blade 1.0 is for you.

Being built for speed and comfort means that for the ever growing numbers of people wanting a fast bike, without the seriousness and price tag attached to a road bike, are well looked after.

For the tech heads the Avanti Blade 1.0 features; formtech alloy frame, Shimano Altus groupset, and a surprisingly comfortable Zero Zelix saddle.

Reviewed by Daniel Hoy

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