Review of Giant TCR Trinity SL0

October 25, 2011
Review of  Giant TCR Trinity SL0

RRP $9,999

Cyclists love gadgets, in that way they are very much similar to golfers. Triathletes love gadgets as well, but they often jump onto them well before most cyclists. Think Greg LeMond shocking the cycling world and winning the 1989 Tour de France. By using time trial bars, for the first time in the Tour, he managed to win by just 8 seconds; triathletes had been using them for years previously.

The Giant Trinity SL0 has more cool gadgets than a certain cartoon inspector we all know.

The ride on the Trinity SL0 is superb, it’s responsive, light, and comes with a set of super fast Zipp 808's.

The Shimano di2 electronic gearing is amazing. I've never ridden a bike with the electronic set up, and from now on I won't be riding one without it. The Giant Trinity SL0 benefits greatly from the Shimano di2, the shifting is fast, quiet and never misses a beat.

The Giant Trinity SL0 also features integrated speed sensors; that record speed, cadence and distance, and a super stiff bottom bracket that makes it feel as if acceleration happens quicker than normal.

But for me the sharpest arrow in the Giant Trinity Advanced SL0's quiver is the frame shape, which for most cyclists, will be love at first sight.

The frame is radically shaped to cheat the wind. The integrated AeroDrive stem/handlebar means if you want a time trial bike with the lot, then the Giant Trinity SL0 should be on top of your shopping list.

Reviewed by Daniel Hoy

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