BIANCHI Methanol SL2

October 31, 2011
BIANCHI Methanol SL2

The Bianchi Methanol SL2 is one serious mountain bike, with everything you could possibly need.

Think about what you want from a mountain bike. You want it to be light, have front suspension and good disc brakes, because let's face it when you're flying down a mountain with potential disaster lurking around every corner you at least want a ride that is comfortable and can keep with the speed of your reflexes when dodging oncoming trees.

The Methanol SL2 provides this with a comfortable, responsive ride. The frame is full carbon, features triple-wall tubing – a central spine runs the length of the main tubes – which means the walls can be made thinner with no loss of stiffness.

This allows Bianchi Methanol SL2 to get the weight down to a superlight 1,170g (including the integrated seatmast).

And don't panic the superb decal will stay safe with the lightweight tubes protected from chips and scrapes with a length of titanium mesh woven through the carbon to reinforce vulnerable areas.

The frame is also designed with multiple Toray carbons to allow the construction to be reinforced exactly where the frame needs it. The SL2 Range is topped with SRAM XX.