Review of TREK MADONE 6 Series SSL

November 10, 2011
Review of  TREK MADONE 6 Series SSL

The MADONE is full of fantastic features, but I still always felt like the biggest selling point for this bike was not necessarily what was on the bike, but rather who was on it. If you want to sell a lot of bikes, try and get a seven time Tour de France winner on board.

Thanks largely to Lance Armstrong, 9 of the past 12 tour winners have been on a Trek Madone 6 Series. With the way marketing works today you would not even need to produce a particularly good bike to sell a ship load. Luckily the team at Trek haven’t taken this approach, instead having every version of this iconic bike an improvement on its predecessors.

The Trek Madone 6 Series has always been a seriously good road bike, and the 2012 version is no different.

Given the only thing cyclists are more obsessed with than their own weight, is the weight of their bikes. You'll be delighted to know the 2012 Trek Madone 6 Series SSL is the lightest Madone 6 Series ever made.This is a bike for the serious cyclist, but for what you get it's incredibly great value.

Light, fast, responsive, with an improved paint job, what more do you want? Technically it’s kitted out with every spec a serious racer could ever want.

The biggest improvement is the step up to the BB90, the widest bottom bracket on the market, and with the Trek-exclusive carbon BB the Madone 6 frame is lighter, stiffer, and quicker to accelerate.

For the 2012 Madone 6 series, Trek has managed to design a seamless integration for Shimano Di2.
No need to use those pesky zipp-ties to mount the Di2 battery anymore, which will make everyone very happy, except the zipp-tie industry.