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Review of Mongoose Program

December 20, 2011
Review of  Mongoose Program

The last time I rode a BMX I was seven, it had a crate on the front filled with newspapers and I was delivering them around the local neighborhood.

It was nothing like the Mongoose Program, it was yellow and sported a set of blue tuffs (readers familiar with the superb work of Roxette will know what I mean).

I've spent the last ten or so years drooling over road bikes, but as my young fella gets older I've found myself looking at bikes like the Mongoose Program, and I like what I see.

They are well put together and much lighter than I remember.

I've also buried deep in the recess of my mind the fact I was riding a knock off of a Mongoose, they were the bike to have when I was at primary school. So needless to say after giving the Mongoose Program a good going over I won't be depriving my son of one, and he may just find that the jolly fat man in the red suit delivers one Christmas morning.

Just the quality of bike would make me confident to purchase one.

The Mongoose Program comes in three wheel sizes and features;
•    Updated Hi-Ten Frame & Hi-Ten Fork
•    Full Chromoly 3-piece tubular crank with 25 x 10t drivetrain; Weinmann AS7X Rims
•    Mongoose BMX Grips


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Reviewed by Daniel Hoy

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