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January 31, 2012
Shimano SH-R077

First things first, these are a very good comfortable pair of road shoes. They are everything you could want from a pair of road shoes; they are stable, rigid and light weight. They fit well, and for me that's important as it takes me a while to find a pair of new road shoes that don't leave me in pain mid ride.

But the one area I was disappointed in was the colour; forgive me for including my love of shoes in this review of the Shimano SH-R077, but when I buy a pair of shoes I want a splash of colour. I want red, yellow or at the very least, pure pristine white.

With that complaint out of the way I really couldn't fault the Shimano RH-077. I fully accept that I am a little too concerned with how I look on a long ride, and I understand for most people this is not as important. Don't get me wrong these shoes look great, just not quite flashy enough for me.

But in terms of performance they are fantastic.


Reviewed by Daniel Hoy

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