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Review of Malvern Star Oppy A5

February 29, 2012
Review of  Malvern Star Oppy A5

Let's get a couple of things straight, if you're riding a Malvern Star Oppy your morning meal has to include vegemite, you are also required to use the word "mate" whenever possible, and instead of a latte at the end of a ride you have to order a cuppa tea made on a bush Billy.

So who should buy a Malvern Star Oppy? Experience wise it is built for a recreational and first time road rider with lightweight triple butted alloy frame, Shimano 105 groupset and Mavic Aksium wheels to give you the same speed, efficiency and design touches as the Oppy carbon series.
Personality wise if you're one of those people that will only drink French wine, or ride a European frame then steer clear of the Malvern Star Oppy. The only reason you would not seriously consider buying a Malvern Star is if you were a nose in the air bike snob.
It is a seriously high quality frame, and the value for money is exceptional.
Just make sure you've got the Australian Flag erected in the front yard before you go out and buy one.
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Reviewed by Daniel Hoy
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