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Review of Parentini Leg Warmers 

March 27, 2012
Review of  Parentini Leg Warmers


Okay I admit it; I'm a little soft when it comes to cold weather. Which is why I love the Parentini leg warmers, I always start a ride thinking, “Gee it's cold, but it will heat up soon maybe leave the leg warmers at home.” But it only takes the sting of the cold on my cleanly shaven legs for about ten minutes before I regret that decision.

What I liked about the Parentini leg warmers was how small a package they folded into. Inch is crucial if you're heading out on a ride that will start off seemingly cold and then end up warm.

Being able to fold the Parentini leg warmers into the back of my jersey into a small, neat package was what separates them from the pack.

Parentini leg warmers are made in Italy, and the materials used are of the highest quality and apart from being comfortable, won’t lose their elasticity, and are most comfortable when you're in a riding position.

The Parentini leg warmers are a great high quality addition to your cycling kit coming into the colder seasons.



Review by By Daniel Hoy


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