Review of 2012 SRAM Red 

April 17, 2012
Review of  2012 SRAM Red

When it comes to choosing a groupset for your bike, you’re either a Shimano person, a Campagnolo, or SRAM.  Chopping and changing is rare, it’s almost like the Beatles and Rolling Stones, or The Brady Bunch and Partridge Family, if you like one you can't like the other.

For me it's The Beatles, Partidge Family and Shimano.

With that said the SRAM red groupset does a number of things well enough to make ita consideration for becoming my chosen groupset. It's light, super light. The old SRAM Red groupset held the title as the latest on the market at about 1,920 grams, that was until Campagnolo's (or Elvis and Different Strokes) newest Super Record 11 Titanium took the title at about 10 grams lighter.

Clearly the boys at SRAM took this personally, because the SRAM Red groupset weighs a staggeringly light 1,670 grams.

The other thing that could see SRAM Red making its way onto my ride is the same reason I switched from Callaway to Taylor Made clubs, it’s what I call the white driver effect. If you can make something look insanely good, then people will fall in love with it. And cyclists are notoriously obsessed with how things looks, as evidenced by white lycra, which looks great on the rack, not so great on the middle aged rider.

Anyway I've gone a little off topic here, let me say this I really like the SRAM Red groupset, high praise indeed from someone who is a Shimano fan. And if the rumored road bike disc brakes, (my sources tell me discs will be hydraulic or mechanical) ever make their way onto a SRAM groupset then I may actually make the change.

The rumour is the disc brakes will be on the next SRAM groupset. So stay tuned.


Review by Daniel Hoy.


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