Review of Bianchi Sempre

April 30, 2012
Review of  Bianchi Sempre

Five years of studying Italian at school the sum total of my knowledge of the language is the ability to count to ten and one phrase. "Dario sempre in ritardo," which for the uneducated among you means, Dario is always late.

Well if Dario had have been riding a Bianchi Sempre (meaning always) he'd never have been late, in fact he would have arrived early everywhere. And he would have arrived in style.

At the risk of sounding a little creepy, this is a very sexy bike. The frame shape, decals and overall look of the bike are up to Bianchi's usual very high standards, when they make a bike they make it not only with performance in mind, but aesthetics.

The running gear is Shimano 105, which is very un-Italian, presumably to enable them to hit the right price point, which mind you is excellent value.

You can get it with campagnolo, which is much more Italian.

The Bianchi Sempre frame is exceptionally stiff, and very light. It's probably about as stiff a frame this light could be. That frame is built using a Carbon Nano tech layering system, which in part explains how the Bianchi engineers have managed to build such a light frame, but keep it incredibly stiff.

The Sempre has a monocoque carbon frame and an increased section near the steering and the bb-set, all this makes it very reactive to steer, it feels a bit like driving a car with four wheel steering.

I haven't ridden a bike with a 105 group set for a while, but to tell you the truth I found it to be smooth, a lot quieter than I remembered and trouble free.

Mammia Mia I love a this bike! (That's just a bit of Italian I've picked up over the years.)


Review by Daniel Hoy


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