Review of Oakley Radarlock

May 07, 2012
Review of  Oakley Radarlock


Competing at an Olympic level demands the most advanced technology available. Because when you’re representing an entire country, millimeters and milliseconds matter. Oakley is launching an Olympic level performance sunglass, Radarlock. A revolutionary performance sunglass designed to deliver comfort, performance and protection for athletes at any level. In the spirit of performance, SwitchLock technology featured in the new product enables fast and easy lens changes allowing athletes to match their vision to the environment.

This revolutionary new performance sunglass lets athletes react to the ever-changing conditions of their sport with Oakley’s wide array of premium lens tints so that their vision can instantly adapt to any environment while keeping up with the changing light. Oakley has engineered premium lens tints for everyplace under the sun, and even environments where the sun is a no-show. Optimized with Oakley’s Technology, you can match your vision to the environment with a simple mechanism that lets you swap out lenses quickly and easily. The suspension system holds the lens securely in place without uneven pressures or bending that can affect optical performance. So you can focus on form, not your equipment’s function while keeping up with the changing environment.

All five lenses feature High Definition Optics for unrivaled clarity and impact protection:

Fire Iridium® Polarized - The glare-cutting design enhances visual contrast and boosts depth perception in extremely bright sunlight. It is a favorite for cycling, mountain biking and all trail recreation.


G30™ - Not too dark for shadows and not too light for direct sun it increases contrast in shades of green and cuts out the harsher wavelengths of blue light optimizing vision for golf, tennis, baseball and any other sport involving grass or greenery.

Black Iridium® - Black Iridium® balances the light spectrum to help maintain optimal vision, and athletes rely on it in environments where color recognition is important. This lens works well for practically any activity under the sun.

Persimmon - Oakley Persimmon improves visual contrast and depth perception to help athletes deal with the “flat” light of shade, haze and overcast skies. Cyclists and runners depend on this lens and it is a top pick for target sports.

OO® Red Iridium® Polarized - Combining balanced light filtering with the glare-cutting performance of HDPolarized™ optic this lens gives the eyes a supreme level of comfort to help athletes stay focused and undistracted. It is a favorite for cycling, triathlon competitions, tennis, and water sports.


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