Review of Scott Foil

May 28, 2012
Review of  Scott Foil

Lean, Mean, GreenEDGE Racing Machine

Orica GreenEDGE have exploded onto the pro tour with the hearts & minds of the entire Aussie cycling community right behind them.  Gerry Ryan looks to have picked another sure fire winner in getting the wheels on the GreenEDGE bus rolling, but as the official online partner, the team at BikeExchange have had the priviledge of testing the other wheels in question, the new Scott Foil.
Scott have spent many years developing the Foil and while it's been a long time coming, good things come to those who wait.  With instant street appeal the foil invites a double-take. Sharing a vast amount of geometry from the old Addict frame, the Foil has spent many hours in the wind tunnel with none other than the Mercedes F1 crew! The result is a supremely aero frame that slices through air.  Scott claim the Foil can save up to 20 watts at 40km/h, and for those of us who aren't a ‘Gerrans-esque’ 55kg with a full tank of Powerade, every little bit helps.
The more time you spend on this bike the more you feel it's part of you.  Features such as the Hmx carbon fibre, oversized bottom bracket and integrated seat clamp all combine to result in a ride that can best be described as 'alive'. Every watt of effort you grind into this bike is rewarded with no compromise propulsion.  This bike is fast, very fast.  The ride may be too stiff for some out there but if you're the sort of rider who lives for the sprint finish (yes, of course that street sign is a finish line) or kicks hard for every King of the Mountain your efforts will be duly rewarded!  
The Scott Foil is running with Shimano gear and wheels.  The Dura Ace di2 setup compliments this bike like a creamy latte after a cold winter morning ride.  Shifting and stopping has never been so smooth and inspires confidence in even the most amateur of the cafe peloton. The carbon c50 tubulars are a vast improvement on Shimano's previous efforts in the rim department and are fast, stable and stiff enough to withstand anything we could throw at it.
Having a year out of the pro peloton may not have been ideal for Scott but the extra time spent perfecting their top of the line dream machine has certainly resulted in a true aero machine that is worthy of the worlds best.  Orica GreenEDGE powerhouse Matt Goss has labelled this as the best bike he's ever ridden, and who are we to argue.
Reviewed by Chris Bremner

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