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Accelerade Sports Nutrition Range

June 21, 2012
Accelerade Sports Nutrition Range

Take your competitive level beyond the edge and exceed your personal expectations.  The key to the Accelerade range of sports nutrition is the unique ratio of 4 parts carbohydrate to 1 part protein contained in all products.  Its the science behind the products that helps athletes perform better and recover much faster.

Accelerade advanced sports drink – Utilizes protein and carbohydrates in order to improve your hydration rates, reduce muscle damage, improve muscle endurance and speed up muscle recovery.  Accelerade can be taken before, during and after exercise.  The flavours available are Orange, Lemon Lime, Mountain Berry, Lemonade & Fruit Punch.  They are great value and you can pick up a 60 serve canister for $60.00, which works out to be $1.00 per 355ml serve.
Accel Gel – Fast acting energy gel and is the only gel on the market containing protein for increased endurance and reduction in post exercise muscle stress.  The flavours currently available are Vanilla, Strawberry Kiwi, Key Lime and Citrus Orange.  Gels are well priced at $2.50 each (in a box of 24).
Accel Recover Bar – A scientifically proven formula, converts fat into energy, rebuilds muscle protein and replenishes muscle energy stores.  The flavour available is a delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter, and this comes in a box of 12 bars for $36.00.
These products are available in Australia at Advantage1 -