Review of Giant Roam XR1

June 21, 2012
Review of  Giant Roam XR1

If you don't like road bikes, but want to ride fast on the road what do you do? You buy a hybrid that's what. The Giant Roam XR1 is par of a new breed of hybrids, the sort you'd never put a basket on the front of. Let's face it he reputation of a hybrid has been sullied in the past by some pretty ordinary looking bikes. But the Giant Roam XR1 breaks that mould. It's the top of the range in Giant's Roam series of bikes and really does suit the serious rider who wants to buy a hybrid for a commute to work.

It's the hybrid you can ride without being embarrassed to tell your serious cyclist mates you bought a hybrid, just tell them you bought a Giant Roam XR1.

It has a fluid formed, double butted, super light aluminum frame, on which Giant have assembled a range of high end Shimano components in a 3 x 10 format giving the lucky rider 30 gears to choose from.

The multitude of gears are complemented by light weight suspension forks, which are adjustable and have a lockout feature that it can be turned on and off depending on the terrain your traversing.

Hydraulic disc brakes, stainless steel spokes, alloy rims, sealed bearing hubs mean the Roam XR 1 could be that crossover bike we’ve been waiting for. For those people trying to decide between a road bike and mountain bike, then this is the ride for you. It does either well enough to be perfect for someone who does not have a foot firmly in either the raodie or MTB camp.

As far as hybrid's go, it's a bike I'd happily recommend.


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