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Review of Pro-Form Tour de France Indoor Cycle

July 02, 2012
Review of  Pro-Form Tour de France Indoor Cycle

Introducing the official training bike of the Tour de France, the Pro-Form Tour de France Indoor Cycle. 

Not only does it come with a top notch event association, the bells and whistles that come with this indoor trainer is second to none.

What you see is exactly what you feel. Every hill, every flat, every decline, and even the Intelligent Wind Resistance automatically adjust the resistance based on your wind profile (height and weight) to give you the most life-like, realistic biking experience.  

You can even organise for your local block/Strava sessions to be mapped and it can play on your screen as you pedal to training victory in the warmth/dry setting of your lounge room. 

What a great training partner for the winter time.


Pro-Form Tour de France Indoor Cycles can be purchased HERE at the website. RRP is $1,999 and includes FREE shipping.