Review of Trek 8000 series Mountain Bike

Review of Trek 8000 series Mountain Bike
By July 18, 2012

Apart from a set of airbags, or a voice that screams at me, "you're going too fast there's a corner coming up" the Trek 8000 series mountain bike has everything I'd need in a mountain bike. It's made from the most advanced mountain aluminum, and is a purpose-built racing bike.  I love how light weight this bike is, while at the same time being quite durable. It just feels fast.

In the past, people who were seeking a super fast, responsive and nimble race have gone for 29ers, or a cyclo cross bike. The Trek 8000 series at least puts a hard tail into the conversation. To get it into that conversation Trek have raised the bar on their Alloy manufacturing techniques to allow their engineers a bit of flexibility.

Using all kinds of hydroforming, butting and complex shaping, Trek’s own special blend of alloy is titled Alpha Platinum. The result has enabled them to keep the weight of the frame down.

A few of the other advancements that make this such a great bike include; 

  • A press fit BB86 bottom bracket using press-in bearings instead of the traditional thread-in types used on older models.
  • A bottom bracket shell that
  • provides a wider platform for the downtube / seat tube / chainstay interface.
  • A head tube that is semi-integrated to keep the front end low for an efficient riding position, the Fox Float RL fork brings the front fork and front wheel together.

All that state of the art technology is not, as is often the case with many bikes, let down by the wheelset, a hand built set of Bontrager wheels mean the frame is complemented.  What a great bike.


Review by Daniel Hoy

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