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On the couch with Shane Perkins – World Champion and Olympic Track Athlete

July 24, 2012
 On the couch with Shane Perkins – World Champion and Olympic Track Athlete

BikeExchange catches up with world champ track athlete Shane "Perko" Perkins, who will be competing in this year's Olympic Games.  His accolades include becoming a world champion in the kieren event, and wining gold and breaking a record at the 2010 Commonwealth Games. 


BIKEEXCHANGE: Shane, thanks for spending some time to catch up with us.  As usual, you’ve had a cracking start to the season with a world title already tucked under your lycra belt. How has this season’s preparation differed to last years?

PERKO: Well the one major pretty significant difference is it being an Olympic year. That means it becomes a very long season it doesn't end in April as per normal years, we continue on with our preparations to the Olympics being held in August.


BIKEEXCHANGE: We are a bike site, of course we want to hear about your first bike! What was it?  

PERKO: My first bike was a sparkly blue one that I wouldn't actually call a BMX it was kinda a hybrid BMX. I can remember learning to ride it in out neighbour's back yard!!


BIKEEXCHANGE: We see track cyclists as the unsung heroes of the cycling world and you guys probably don’t get the publicity you deserve.   Have you ever thought of taking your talent to the road?

PERKO: This is such a common question, the reality is that the two are very different physiologically. Of course a few riders have made the change but they were some of the best in the world on the track in sprinting and now with the change to the road are not dominating like they did at some point in the career they had on the track. I have a very specific ability on the track and as you know it is very rare to have the ability to sprint fast on the track otherwise more would be doing it. Why would I want to waste that talent on something else?


BIKEEXCHANGE: What is your favourite event to participate in?

PERKO: Sprint/Keirin


BIKEEXCHANGE: What goes through your head at the start line?

PERKO: Winning


BIKEEXCHANGE: Do you have any pre-race traditions?

PERKO: I like to have a new pair of socks or ones that I have good memories with. Weird but it works and makes me feel comfortable!


BIKEEXCHANGE: What do you do when you’re not on the bike? 

PERKO: Play golf when I can, hang about with the family and read!



BIKEEXCHANGE: Quick word association (first words that come to your head):

Lycra:             shaved legs

Gel:                chamois

Food:              yummy

Bike:               speed

GreenEDGE:   Australia

Training:          intense!


BIKEEXCHANGE: It’s cold in Melbourne –  what would you recommend would be a great wind training session for all of us lazy sods who don’t get out of bed?


Perko's "EASY" Windtraining Session

WARM UP:                    15 min rolling with a short sprint at the end for a minute 

MAIN SESSION:             6 reps of 6 second sprints. Rest between each rep for 24 seconds. After the 6 reps, rest for 5 minutes then repeat x 3 sets

COOL DOWN:                10min rolling easy quick. I’d like to say this is an easy session 


BIKEEXCHANGE: Thanks Shane,  appreciate you taking the time to catch up with us and from all of proud Aussies, we wish you the best of luck in London! 


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