Product Review for the 2013 Trek Madone 6.5

November 30, 2012
Product Review for the 2013 Trek Madone 6.5

It started with Alberto Contador and his ‘pistolero’ paint scheme. Then Damien Hirst got rather creative with some butterflies. But it took the launch of team Leopard-Trek before I was finally able to admit it.

Trek were turning my head and well and truly had my attention once again. Having arguably the best Pro team paint scheme of 2011 does tend to help. Although the new Trek’s are more than just a ‘pretty face’. Especially the Madone 6 Series – there is a lot to like.

Firstly it shares the same tubing shape as the top of the line 7 Series, includeing Trek’s patented ‘Kammtail’ KVF technology. The claim is “25 free watts”, which I would love to be true. But regardless of a definitive number of watts ‘saved’, the Madone gives you the best of both worlds. A frame designed to be aero, whilst not employing the high cross section tubing a lot of rival aero frames use. A feature you become all the more thankful for when trying to keep the bike under control in tearing crosswinds or rocking down a blowy descent.

The 6 Series also features the same integrated brake and brakeless seatstay technology as the top of the line 7 Series. It makes the bike more aero, it’s lighter and the integration of the rear brake behind the bottom bracket is excellent.

It’s not often you get this level of ‘trickle down’, however it does not end there.

At first glance it doesn’t even appear that the 6.5 is on Trek’s model list. It is only when you click on ‘custom Madone’ does it arrive.

That is correct, the 6.5 is also a part of Trek’s industry leading ‘Project One’. Have you ever been shopping for your new bike, finding yourself 95% thrilled bike but wanting to change just a few characteristics? Personalising it to make create your new dream machine? Then Project One is for you.

Want white brakes instead of black? Changed in one click (at no extra cost might I add!). How about something a little more exotic, like a Trek with Campagnolo (a combination rarely seen)? Then there are all the different paint schemes to choose from. Or design one of your very own.

Be warned, Project One has the ability to absorb hours before you’re even aware of it. The changes you can make are that extensive. However ultimately it means you will be able to create your dream machine that is uniquely yours.


Reviewed By Nick Squillari


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