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Product Review of the Early Rider Juno Balance Bike

December 17, 2012
Product Review of the Early Rider Juno Balance Bike

Meet Juno, the newest member of the Early Rider family. Juno is a ‘Spherovelo’, a unique push along ride on for 12-24 month olds.

The Spherovelo is the world’s first ride on to accelerate the development of young children by helping them make the connection between their senses (vision, pressure, equilibrium...) and their motor system. Some might call it balance but it’s really more about the coordination of our muscles in response to what we see and feel.
It manages this by being a ride on that’s unstable on the one hand (so that the child is required to effect some control - like with a bike) but safe on the other; a combination never before achieved.
The reason this is so important is that this is the age when we’re first developing our coordination and the age when we’re most receptive to experiential learning.
The Spherovelo’s design, essentially two great spheres, is based upon the fundamental principle that a ball able to move freely will just relocate and not tip like a wheel. By replacing wheels with a special arrangement of spheres we’ve been able to simulate a bike, but with increased lateral forgiveness so that it becomes very difficult for a child to fall onto or off of. In other words, because of the spheres, the Spherovelo is the world’s first safely unstable ride on, a balance bike for very young children.
-Stable setting for gross motor skill development
-Stabliser free for balance and fine motor skill development
-Spherical wheels for super safe, no topple riding
-Large diameter spheres & low centre of gravity for extra stability
-Free rear wheel for turn on the spot manoeuvrability and slides
-Super lightweight construction for easy control
-Hard wearing, non marking rubber wheel coating
-Birch handlebars
-Wheels are TPU, Thermoplastic Polyurethane
-Body is made from High Grade ABS Plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadience Styrene), this is a form of plastic compound
-Non slip, multi position seat
-EN71 & ASTM963 Accredited
-Heat Pressed branding
Suits children aged 9 months - 2.5yrs
Seat Height 17.5cm
Handlebar Height 31cm
Seat to handlebar distance 15cm
Inside leg 28cm
Approx Height of Child 70cm
Weight 2kgs
The Juno has a RRP of $155.

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