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Nixeycles Classic BikeReview

March 06, 2013
Nixeycles Classic Bike Review

A snapshot of a street in Rome, Amsterdam or any European city and you’ll notice one thing immediately – the prevalence of bicycles as a mode of transport is enormous. With petrol prices soaring at close to the same rate that Australians are discovering that we need to get more activity in to our everyday lives, this is translating in to more people following the Euro example.

The Nixeycles Classic is retro in appearance but finished with a contemporary build kit. Shifting courtesy of Shimano’s Nexus 3 speed internally geared hub, the Classic has a generous gear range. No more avoiding some of those steeper hills on the way to your destination.
The chain is enclosed, no childhood situations of getting pants caught as you pedal. You are free to reach your destination in your slacks, safe in the knowledge they will not be sporting a ‘chain tattoo’ as a fashion accessory when you arrive. It also minimises debris getting stuck in the chain, increasing its lifespan and again minimising amount of maintenance required.
A feature that was very impressive, and that a lot of bikes do not have, was the dynamo front hub/LED front light. Whilst a rear light is recommended (and for a lot of the year) having a front light that is powered by your front wheel spinning not only saves the need to replace batteries but also ensures there will never be a time you will be suck without light to navigate your way home.
Tektro, a well renowned brake manufacturer, provide the brakes – delivering both smooth and powerful stopping power for the Classic. Coupled with Innova/CST one and a half inch all season tyres, traction and control are no problem.
Fitting and adjustability are also quick and simple. With the saddle (otherwise known as a seat for all those outside the cycling fraternity) a leather covered and spring equipped Cionlli. Leaving you free to barrel full tilt over tram tracks and railway lines – vibrations? What?
There is finally a colour matched rear rack that is an optional extra. Which when you have a mode of transport that is doing your body and the environment a favour in running, why not have it so that picnics to the park or beach can be done without the car too.
The Nixeycles Classic is a bicycle to help keep you healthy as well as a huge time and fuel saving option for every-day life. It is suited for those casual cyclists (without the fluro vests or lycra leggings).  Certainly worth a closer look.
Reviewed by Nick Squillari
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