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Uni-Stryder Electric Bike Review

April 26, 2013
Uni-Stryder Electric Bike Review

A month or so ago we featured a commuter bicycle, as given the rise in traffic congestion and fuel prices riding to work is becoming an increasingly appealing option.  However if you have an office job it probably is not the best look to arrive at work red in the face and sweating.

A motorcycle would solve the physical component, but come with a lot of additional costs (registration licence, insurance) and you still have fuel and traffic. What if you could combine the motor and a bicycle?

That is precisely what E-Bikes R Us have done with their Uni-Ryder. Combining a 36 volt/200 watt electric motor and a classic step-through bicycle, you have a bike that will allow you to get to and from work without looking like you have just climbed a French Col. It also classified as a bicycle, so no insurance or registration is required.

The motor is powered by a lithium battery, with a single charge range of up to 80 kilometres. There are no emissions and re-charge is simply from a wall socket.

There are seven gears for when the motor is not being employed, courtesy of a Shimano rear derailleur. You even have the option of adding a meter, which as you have a 5 speed variance means you can add a work out to your ride. Handy for the weekends when riding is more for leisure and keeping fit.

The front fork is also suspension, aiding ride comfort for more extended trips or rough road. Which given the bike also comes with rear racks, means quick trips to the shop are also an option with the Uni-ryder.

There are three colours to choose from; white, silver and red. The Uni-Ryder also comes in a folding, 20 inch wheel model. Perfect if part of the commute involves public transport or storage space at home is at a premium.

Head stem is fully adjustable, allowing for a wide range of handlebar heights and ensuring a comfortable riding position.

Without a doubt, a more environmentally friendly approach is required in our daily lives. Even with the use of the electronic motor, the carbon footprint of the Uni-Ryder is tiny compared to that of a motor vehicle. Given the range the engine permits and the storage capacity, E-Bikes make sense for the commuter, the person looking to get around town more easily or even someone just wanting that little extra ‘kick’ to get over a few of the local hills. Test rides are easy and encouraged, try one today.


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Reviewed by Nick Squillari