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Williams F1 Track Bike Review

May 21, 2013
Williams F1 Track Bike Review

Ever noticed how slim all the Formula 1 drivers are? In addition to incredible driving skills, their sport also places a high value on driver weight. Do not let memories of Kimi Raikkonen at the Sepang GP, devouring an ice cream, fool you. They are fit – with one of their choice forms of exercise being cycling.

If however you are an F1 fan who is not as keen as the drivers to don the skin tight clothing, then the Williams F1 Team have just the bike for you – the team edition single speed commuter. Lacking only the Renault engine, this stylish bicycle is perfect for the fan looking to both show his dedication to the sport all year round and keep in shape.
Sporting a classic ‘chassis’, horizontal top tube and proportional seat tube, it has all the class you expect from a Formula 1 machine. Even the steering and gearing are more sporty than a traditional flat-bar commuter, with bar extensions and larger than expected gearing allowing you to zip along at some impressive speeds.
You even get a ‘gear box’ choice with a rear Flip-Flop hub. This gives you the choice to run the rear sprocket with the ability to freewheel or, by simply removing and flipping the wheel around, running it fixed gear. Either sprocket are also easily changed, with the sliding drop outs allowing for easy alteration of gearing.
Tyre choice is also just as considered as in the Grand Prix’s, with a larger 27mm rear and a 25mm front mounted on some very sporty six spoke wheels. Not only do they match the overall aesthetics, but offer the convenience of clinchers – while still looking like tubulars. Their cornering grip was also impressive; ‘high in, low out’ and urban streets become the Monza circuit in no time.
With 11 months until the next Australian Gran Prix, why not start working on that riding speed – by next March you will not only look great but have the quickest and best looking F1 style transport to and from the track. 
Reviewed by Nick Squillari
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