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BikeExchange ExpandsInto NZ

May 24, 2013
BikeExchange Expands Into NZ

Last year was big for us here at BikeExchange.

We reached a million visitor milestone in 1 month, we were busy making many updates to our site to increase user experience, we had a tonne of new accessories and bikes listed on the site, and we also won the national Telstra Australian Business of the Year award. We have decided to keep the momentum going this year, and so it’s with huge excitement that we confirm the launch of – our brand new site for New Zealand.
We know how passionate our Kiwi friends are about cycling and cycling related sports. Without question they enjoy some of the most spectacular riding in the world and, like Australia, cycling is only getting more and more popular. 
Here in Australia we are the #1 website for finding, buying and selling bikes and bike parts & accessories. We have every intention of bringing our experience and skills to New Zealand so that our Kiwi friends are offered the same go-to guide when considering their bike needs.  
We are proud and pumped to be taking BikeExchange to New Zealand and look forward to strengthening the Southern Hemisphere’s online cycling community even more. 
Check out the site for yourself, at