Personal Injury Legal Services

July 23, 2013
Personal Injury Legal Services

Know your legal rights as a cyclist.

Even if you’re a careful cyclist, you’re still extremely vulnerable to accidents on the road. In many cases, you have the legal right to financial compensation. Did you know you’re entitled to compensation if you are injured because:

  • A driver of a motor vehicle has collided with you; opened a door in your path; cut you off; forced you to stop short or skimmed you with their airstream?
  • A council or contractor has poorly laid out a road or bike path; created a slippery or uneven surface, potholes or an obstruction on the road?
  • A member of the public has dropped something on the road creating a hazard; run in front of your moving bike; or allowed their pet to run across the road?

Do you have a case? Find out in minutes.

Henry Carus and Associates are compensation experts, dedicated to winning you the highest amount of financial compensation possible. Operating on a No Win No Fee basis, we offer FREE, over the phone legal advice and a one on one legal consultation at hospital or home. Call Henry Carus and Associates now on 1300 094 889 or check out Henry Carus + Associates website for more info!