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Polygon Zenith DX di2 Review

October 10, 2013
Polygon Zenith DX di2 Review

The Zenith DX di2 is a sweet ride.

It’s brought to you by the Polygon team, who are super well established in Asia and rapidly gathering momentum globally. Polygon (meaning ‘many sides’) owns the manufacturing, assembling and distribution of their bikes, which is a big tick.
In terms of aesthetics, the Zenith DX di2 (which belongs to the brand’s Urban Bike range) is the sort of bike you’d go for if you’re in the market for an easy urban rider that doesn’t look like it belongs in a cutesy retro Hollywood film.

The Zenith DX di2 has a really modern, simplified style; it doesn’t scream look at me. It’s an easy-on-the-eye, no-nonsense get-about, and it makes for smooth cycling.

Firstly, there’s the wide-set handlebars. The moment you get on you tend to naturally default to leisure mode - arms out wide; nice and relaxed. The leather saddle says ‘laid back’, too – the extra width and comfy padding make this bike all about the pleasure of the journey, rather than just the pace.

In saying that, it’s not hard to get a bit of a wind-swept look happening on this bike. Just press the single button to move seamlessly through the Shimano Alfine Di2 Electronic 11-speed internal gear hub and you’re set for cruising along straight or sloping city streets. The electronic shifting along with Hydraulic brakes make riding the Zenith smooth, precise and effortless.

The ALX alloy commuting frame means you’ve got yourself a fairly light bike (13.9kg) that can get around town easily and nimbly, and a cute little kick-stand is a nifty feature when a bike rack just can’t be found. A rear mud guard is a quality extra touch, as is the Shimano Dynamo front hub and light; it’s these practical, sensible add-ons that really make the Zenith a great bike for an urban lifestyle.

Good news is that Polygon is now making the Zenith in three sizes, meaning you’re sure to find your fit. And it also comes with a neat 5 year warranty, free shipping and a 14 day free test ride.

So if you’re looking for a great urban bike that doesn’t need a basket and a baguette to look the part, check out the Polygon Zenith DX di2.

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