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Flip Flop Fixie Review

November 12, 2013
Flip Flop Fixie Review

Flip Flop Fixie

Flip Flop Fixie is flipping cute. At least – that’s the first thing we noticed about these mini-me style fixies. In fact the FFF is so cool it is the sort of bike we reckon Todd Sampson would have gone for when he was a kid cruising around (wearing earlier versions of those retro-rad t-shirts). If your child is a down-right dude and won’t be caught dead on a bike with streamers, then Santa needs to steer his sleigh in a bee-line to these guys. But he’d better not dilly-dally as the FFFixie XXXMAS deals means these nifty numbers are going to move fast.

There are two options – the Junior Urban or the Junior Track (Club 24 or Indoor models). They all share the same classic monochromatic paint job – black gloss frame off-set by white tyres and rims, tyres and grips. The Urban has the chain set on the freewheel hub and works as a single speed or as a fixed gear bike (do this by using the flip flop hub). It can also turn itself into a Velodrome track bike (do this by using the track bar). The high pressure 23mm narrow tyres and track-style frame means this bike isn’t a knock-about; it hits speed fast and is really responsive. The frame and fork are made from Hi-Tens steel but the weight is kept in check via alloy components.

Normally $459, the FFFixie Urban XXXMAS special brings this bike down to $389, which is a super sweet deal for a bike like this.

The Junior Track / Club 24 FFFixie is ready and waiting for the novice track cyclist. Entry-level with 155mm cranks, this bike is best on outdoor tracks with banks up to 30 degrees. The bike is suited to kids who are at least 125cm tall. The big caveat here is of course that this bike shouldn’t be used without adult supervision by experienced velodrome riders. The chain set is fixed on the cog, and drop bars and no hand brakes mean this is not the sort of bike that is instant smooth sailing – someone in the know is going to have to show any novice rider the ropes, and then keep a good eye on them.

We have only one more thing to say about the FFFs – we wish they were around when we were young whippets.