HASA Pro Comp 1.0 Review

December 12, 2013
HASA Pro Comp 1.0 Review

HASA Pro Comp 1.0

OK – if Christmas is your chance for an affordable ‘spoil-me-I’m-so-worth-it’, then we’ve got something for you.

This HASA Pro Comp 1.0 delivers serious bang for buck – you are not going to get a better bike for a cooler deal.

The HASA 1.0 comes to you from the Heng Feng Bicycle team based out of Taiwan (where the bike is manufactured), but now expanding fast world-wide.

The bike got an upgrade this year and comes in an aluminium alloy 6061 light weight frame (lifetime warranty) with a 26” suspension lock-out fork. Featuring Shimano crank and gear sets, Innova 26” wheels and a one year warranty on parts, the 24-speed bike sits at 14kg on the scales.

The look of the HASA 1.0 is going to appeal to a lot tastes. They’ve kept things fairly simple – predominately white with some black and red. It’s a true-and-tested colour combo that’s never going to stand out for all the wrong reasons.

From $299 it makes more sense to be using the HASA 1.0 as your daily no-nonsense get-about bike; it’s fairly light and makes for smooth riding. We’re inclined to say this is not the bike for you if you’re after well-behaved hills, and certainly not if you’re in the market for a bike that’ll take you on a path of riding carnage!

This is the sort of entry-level bike that’s totally fine for gentler terrain and easier handling. If you’re looking to dip your toe into riding, you don’t want to spend a bucket load but you do want something that’s going to serve you well, then check out the HASA 1.0 here.