iAmaze Electric Folding Bike Review

December 18, 2013
iAmaze Electric Folding Bike Review

Blind Freddy i-AMAZE 36V Electric Folding Bike Review

Here is a folding electric bike specifically targeted for Australia wide distribution offering:- • Free freight to almost anywhere in Australia • Satisfaction guarantee. Send it back if you are not happy with it • Build quality to European standards • Spare parts availability • Packaged in a tri wall carton then a second tri wall carton to ensure absolute protection. • No assembly required • Bike has been test ridden, brakes and gears adjusted etc prior to dispatching • Saddle height to suit almost anyone. Height from road 68cm to 110cm

In selecting a bike for this mission Blind Freddy Electric Bikes used the following check list:- • Bike and packaging must not exceed 30Kg • Saddle height to accommodate very short riders but high enough to suit 6 foot tall riders • Wheels to be 20” minimum • Motor to be in the rear wheel for safety • Bike to suit travellers and urban dwellers where space is of a premium • Bike must be easy and quick to fold • Bike must be light enough to carry with one hand. It weighs 19Kg so that is not too bad. • Bike must be easy to ride without electric assistance. 52 tooth front chainwheel and 6 gears • Bike to have a throttle and multi stage pedal activation system (PAS) • Tyres to be puncture resistant • Where ever possible non ferrous metals to be used in construction to avoid corrosion

So price was not the consideration here. Anyone can make something a bit worse and a bit cheaper but that will compromise reputation. Bruce from Blind Freddy invites anyone to critique this bike. He says $1275.00 is a very fair price considering the quality, features and performance of the i-AMAZE.

Why an electric bike? Isn’t that cheating? Yes it would be cheating but we are not talking about racing. Electric bikes are all about efficient inexpensive transport and eliminating more cars from our roads. Many people would never consider riding to work unless they could get there without sweating or feeling exhausted. You still pedal but the effort is the same as cycling on a flat road. Statistically, (UK figures) only 20% of people who buy a bicycle continue to use it but 80% of e-bike purchasers continue to use them.

Who is Blind Freddy? Blind Freddy is part of Australian folk law. Google it. When something is blatantly obvious. “Even Blind Freddy can see it.” And Blind Freddy can see the obvious advantages for some people in owning an electric bicycle. Blind Freddy’s clients include commuters, Grey Nomads, boaties, disabled children and adults, riders with knee and hip damage and people who need to get their fitness levels up slowly.

Is this bike a flash in the pan? Good question. In this day and age anyone can import a twenty foot container of bikes or e-bikes and unload them on the unsuspecting public then disappear. Blind Freddy has been in the e-bike market since 2007 and has arguably the largest range of quality e-bikes in Australia