Scott Solace 10 - Review

January 23, 2014
Scott Solace 10 - Review

Think SCOTT and think Orica-GreenEDGE, Orica-AIS and some serious, serious speed, right?

Well, yes, but when it comes to us mere cycling mortals, there are other options on the bike-buying cards as well. Like the spanking new SCOTT Solace 10. Sweet! This is one of four versions of the Solace range, and is all about catering to the comfort-seeking cyclist (versus the one with a coveted yellow jersey hanging in their wardrobe), or the ‘sportive’.

New to the term sportive? In a nutshell, it’s a long distance challenge. It’s the bike for the marathon cyclist, not the short-lived bursts of a sprinting superstar. So rather than getting you to Mach 2 speeds, the SCOTT Solace will take you to the comfort zone. In fact, that’s one of two zones (power and comfort) that have informed the design and development of the HMF Carbon Fibre frame, making the SCOTT Solace 10 stiff, responsive and able to reduce some of the vibration that might be otherwise felt.

Basically SCOTT’s research and development team realised that efficient transfer of power (or the power zone) is largely generated by the strength of the head tube, down tube, bottom bracket and chainstays, whilst the seatstays, seat tube, and top tube facilitate comfort (hence the comfort zone). Combine the two and voila, you have a sportive bike that’s having its cake and eating it, too.

All this means that the SCOTT Solace 10 is the sort of bike you’d take out for a long ride, a rough ride, a hilly ride (the standard fame weighs 950g), or a combination of all three. With a top tube that’s shorter than the race models, and a head tube that’s taller, the SCOTT Solace 10 is designed to stretch you out a bit rather than get you all aerodynamic.

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