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Thanyapura - Flight Centre Active Travel

February 13, 2014
Thanyapura - Flight Centre Active Travel

We know Christmas holidays were just a couple of months ago, but if you’re keen for a mid-year getaway then chances are you’ve had to start planning now so you can book time away from work, get the right deals, find the best flights…

Before you consider the usual holidaying suspects, stop right here.

We’ve recently come across Phuket’s Thanyapura, and it’s gone right to the top of our list of Sensational Sporty Getaway Destinations. If you’re into a bit of fitness, if you like to unwind through a work-out, or if you’re just completely addicted to your training schedule, then welcome to holiday heaven.

We need no convincing – we’ve oohed and ahed and here are ten reasons why we absolutely want to get to Thanyapura.

  1. t’s the ultimate destination for anyone motivated by healthy and active lifestyle – from everyday novice to serious athlete
  2. There’s a holistic ‘three-dimensional’ approach to health and wellbeing of the mind, body and soul
  3. One-on-one training is provided by world-class coaches in spanking new, world-class facilities
  4. A 50-metre, ozone filtered swimming pool, an official FIFA approved soccer field, a cushioned athletics track, six tennis courts, a 900m2 fully equipped gym… Where else would all this be literally on your doorstep?
  5. Mindfulness sessions help athletes improve performance under pressure, increase focus, reduce distraction and mental fatigue, sustain motivation for long periods, and manage stress and anxiety
  6. Active sessions include triathlon, swimming, Pilates, yoga, tennis, Thai boxing
  7. Massages range from sports, Thai, and aromatic classic to Swedish, foot reflexology and back, neck and shoulder
  8. Only 15 minutes’ drive from Phuket’s International Airport, it’s a 23-hectare oasis surrounded by mountains
  9. Accommodation looks schmicko – indulgent, super comfy rooms that are perfect for post workout relaxation!
  10. The DiVine restaurant caters to your every edible whim – whether it be carbo-loading before big training sessions, something super nutritious for the health-lover, or clean and delicious eating for those watching their weight

Got to cut this short – we’re off to fill out our leave form.