Turbine - Respiratory Enhancement

February 24, 2014
Turbine - Respiratory Enhancement

Every Breath Counts

Whether you’re training for a big event or you’re just flat out making sure the bunch doesn’t drop you, every breath certainly seems to count when you’re smashing it out there on the bike!

So when a nifty little product like Turbine hits the market, it’s going to grab attention. The whole concept of Turbine, a small product worn in the nose, is to encourage more efficient, controlled breathing by delivering up to 38 per cent more air.

Turbine is made of flexible soft material – comfort is key. Adjustable pads help tailor Turbine to the athlete.

Several teams used the Turbine during the 2014 Santos Tour Down Under and feedback was very positive. Professional triathletes Matty White and Dr. Mitch Anderson are also converts.

It’s the smallest touch that might just make a big enough impact over that hill or ahead of that white line!